Gas Cylinder Safety

1. Industrial / Medical / Packaging / Pub gases

  • all of the above mentioned gas cylinders are regarded as "High pressure cylinders" and must be carefully handled and stored correctly at all times
  • SANS 10231 refers to the Transport of Dangerous Goods- operational requirements for road vehicles
  • any damage to a gas cylinder must be reported to your Gas Distributor as soon as possible .Technical staff will remove the cylinder to extract the remaining gas , then move it to quarantine for disposal ( or repair) when neccessary.
  • to prevent damage to the outlet valve threads , only good conditioned bull nose fittings are to be screwed into the cylinder valves. Replace the fittings if any leakage occurs
  • SANS 10263 : Part 2 - The storage and handling of gas cylinders

2. LPG gas cylinders

  • SANS 10087 - refers to the safe handling , storage , distribution & maintenance of LPG in domestic , commercial & industrial installations.
  • SANS 10019 : 2011 - Transportable pressure receptacle for compressed , dissolved & liquified gases - basic design , manufacturer , use and maintenance.

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